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Volunteer with ASI

So you want to do something different? Going to class every day isn't the most thrilling thing you can do for your social life. Get out there! Meet people! Do something good for yourself, your colleagues, and even the public by Volunteering with ASI.


ASI Departments That Actively Take in Volunteers

AS Commissions
Beach Pride Center
Beach Team
Child Development Center
College Beat TV
K-Beach Radio
Program Council
Intramural Sports
Recycling Center
Student Government
Union Newspaper


Q: I want to get involved at CSULB but I don't know where to start. What should I do?
A: You came to the right place! Associated Students is all about getting involved, learning new things, meeting new people, and empowering yourself and others to help your fellow students and make your college experience a memorable one. Start by browsing this page and learning more about each of our volunteer programs. Each one is different, and we need your help!

Q: I want to be involved in some form of Leadership activity on campus and make a difference for myself and my fellow students. How can I get started?
A: Being a community leader builds self-esteem, confidence, and through staff guidance, can turn you into a champion for yourself and others. Start with a position with Student Government. We're not saying you have to campaign for President (though you could), because there are almost 100 other positions available where you can be a leader, take an active role in supporting and leading your fellow students, and help decide how your future will unfold in your time here at CSULB. It also looks great on a resume! Learn more by checking out the Student Government link below, or stop by their office in USU 311.

Q: I found something I want to do, who should I contact to see if there are openings and is there a form I have to fill out?
A: Excellent! You've taken your first step in making a difference in the lives of everyone you meet, especially that person in the mirror. Please contact the individual department listed below to see if there are openings. When asked, please download, fill out, and return the forms you see on this page to the right.

Volunteer Instructions

For Volunteers:
Volunteer Application Form
Student Government Application
Volunteer Agreement
Confidential Data Sheet

The Volunteer Application, Volunteer Agreement, and Confidential Data Sheet need to be filled out if you are volunteering for any position other than a Student Government position. Likewise, if you are applying for a Student Government position, please fill out the Student Government Application, the Volunteer Agreement, and the Confidential Data Sheet but not the regular Volunteer Application.

Please bring these completed forms to our HR Department, USU 232 near the Business Office.